Cheshire Homes India- National Council

Cheshire Homes India- National Council:

The Cheshire Homes India (CHI) is the National body for the 23 independent Cheshire units in India These Cheshire Homes and Services link through the
National Cheshire Homes India to Leonard Cheshire Disability organization worldwide. These Cheshire units render yeoman service to over 15,000 persons with
range of disabilities such as locomotor, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, visual impairment, speech and hearing defects, intellectual disabilities,
mental illnesses and persons with cured Hansen’s diseases. The service users are of wide age range and of both gender. Most units provide community based
programmes, Livelihood and Educational programs, vocational training programmes such as production of various materials like handicrafts, tailoring,
embroidery packing materials etc. and also residential care. Ten Units have facilities to send the children and young adults for mainstream schools for
education. In the recent years, about 10 units have started Community Initiatives aimed at protecting and promoting rights of people with disabilities.

Organisational Structure:

CHI coordinates the work of 23 independent, autonomous and self-sustaining CHI units, located in various parts of India. These Cheshire units are managed
by local committees responsible for all aspects from raising funds to the running of the service and operate independently to meet the needs of disabled
people. In addition through their advocacy program they raise awareness in the public space about the Rights of people with disability. CHI encourages the
networking of all the Cheshire Homes and Services for better learning and updating of information and keeps the units informed of major developments in the
field of Disability both locally and globally.