Implementation and monitoring measures (Articles 31-40)

The articles in this section address actions that need to be taken in order to promote the effective implementation of the Convention, and also what should
be done to monitor the effectiveness of implementation.

Article 31 (Statistics and data collection) – requires States Parties to “collect appropriate information, including statistical and
research data” to enable them to create and implement policies that give effect to the Convention. The Article also outlines the standards to be used for
the collection, maintenance and use of this information.

Article 32(International cooperation) – obligates States Parties to undertake international cooperation activities in support of
national efforts to implement the Convention. Examples of these activities are provided in the Article.

Article 33(National implementation and monitoring) – obligates States Parties to “designate one or more focal points within government,”
and “maintain, strengthen, designate or establish” one or more independent mechanisms to “promote, protect and monitor implementation” of the Convention.
Persons with disabilities and their representative organizations must be “involved and participate fully in the monitoring process.”

Article 34-39 (treaty monitoring body) – these Articles call for the establishment of an independent committee of experts (also known as a treaty
monitoring body) to monitor implementation of the Convention at the national level, and set forth the rules for the Committee’s operation. The committee is
to be called the “Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.” The Committee will receive and examine reports from States Parties and assess
their implementation of the Convention, and report on these matters to the UN General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council.

Article 40(Conference of States Parties) –for the regular meeting of States Parties to consider “any matter with regard to the
implementation” of the Convention. After the first meeting, the Conference will be held every two years or as often as the Conference decides.