Dehra Dun


Govind Bhawan, 16-Pritam Road, Dehradun.

Due to the initiative of that great visionary Late Group Captain Lord Leonard Cheshire, Cheshire Home, Dehradun was established on 23rd August
1956 at Govind Bhawan, 16 Pritam Road, Dehradun for the care and upkeep of physically and mentally challenged persons’, and it was the second Home after
Mumbai to be established in India. Since its inception, the Home has been visited by the distinguished dignitaries from time to time like President of
India, Prime Minister of India, chief of the Army Staff and so on.

The affairs of the Home are managed by a Managing Committee of 14 prominent citizens of the society which include eminent doctors, retired senior officers
from the Indian Army, Judiciary, Chartered Accountant and people who have been deeply involved in the service of those for which the Home stands for. The
members retire after every three years but those who wish to continue can get re-elected. The Managing Committee meets once in a quarter to take decisions
on policy matters and pass the annual budget and accounts.

An Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, Vice-chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and one member nominated by the Managing Committee, meets
every week to discuss control and review financial matters relating to the welfare of the residents, maintenance of building, problems of the staff, care,
safety and security of the property and residents of the Home.


The Cheshire Home Dehradun is situated in a posh area of the city in a very impressive building which is more than 100 years old and is located in an area
of about 3 acres, surrounded by a big garden with flowers and number of fruits bearing trees.

The home has got separate wings for Female section, Male section and children section. It has got a multi-activity Hall of the size 83 X 32 ft. The Home
has got separate rooms for running CBR activities and vocational training. There is an independent set up for the Early Intervention Centre to prevent
disability and caters the need for physiotherapy. Two independent suites have also been constructed recently with all the necessary facilities to
accommodate our guests coming to the Home. The home has got its own ‘Tube well’ to cater for the need of water of the Home. The Home is also having an
underground tank for rain water harvesting of the capacity of 1 lac. Liters. The water is used for bathrooms and gardening.


The Home started with one person, a crippled beggar and at present is providing care to 49 residents [24 Female and 25 Males]: men, women and children with
multiple disabilities of various age groups without distinction of caste, creed or religion. Most of them are persons with cerebral palsy or are mentally
challenged. They are looked after by the devoted trained staff all the 24 hours. Every care is taken to ensure good quality of food, medical facilities and
other requirements of the residents of the Home. The doctors visit the Home twice a week to take care of the health and welfare of the residents but are
available as and when required. Fully hygienic conditions are maintained in the kitchen area as well as in the living areas of the residents.

Two of its residents who got their education here as inmates namely kamala and Karan have taken jobs as they wished to stand on their own feet and have
left home and are doing well in their new jobs.

In addition to the residents, in order to help those challenged children who cannot be admitted in home due to limitation of seats a Day Care Centre has
been set up where a Vehicle from the Home goes to certain points fixed in the location around, to bring the children to home where they play and get
together with other residents. They are served lunch and are dropped back to the place from when they come.

: - It is being run to train PWDs who are physically challenged but who wish to stand on their own feet. Efforts are made to provide them suitable jobs
after their training in different concerns where they may lead a respectable and happy life.

Details of Placements in Wage and Self Employment

From January 2013 to Dec 2013

Sr. No






Orthopedic Disabled










Hearing Impaired









Important Events conducted by LRC, Dehradun in a tabular form

from Jan-13 to Dec-14:-




13th March 2013

8 PWDs were supported for self employment

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

23rd March 2013

17 PWDs received certificates and financial support

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

20th June 2013

10 PWDs were provided sewing machines for self employment

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

27th July 2013

Loan Mela cum Awareness workshop for “Persons With Disabilities.”

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

03rd Aug 2013

Media Sensitization Workshop

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

10th Aug 2013

Support for Wage Employment

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

31st Aug 2013

Group Counseling of Data Entry batch

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

20th Sept 2013

Workshop on career counseling

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

4th Dec 2013

Awareness workshop for “Persons With Disabilities”

Bandarjurd, Biharigarh

21st Dec 2013

Job Fair

Cheshire Home India, Dehradun

A brief description of the important Events conducted by LRC Dehradun:-

Support for Self Employment

Held on 20th June 2013

On 20th June 2013 a program was organized by LRC Dehradun for persons with disability to support them for self employment. 10 PWDs were given
Sewing machines to support by LRC Dehradun to either start on their own a fresh business or to enhance their income who were already in this profession.

Loan Mela cum Awareness workshop for Persons’ With Disability

Date: - 27 July 2013

On 27 July 2013 a Loan Mela cum Awareness workshop was organized by LRC Dehradun for persons’ with disability, in which 46 participants took part.

Guest speakers from Uttarakhand Gramin Bank, Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Social Welfare Department and Employment Exchange attended who
explained their various schemes meant for PWDs.

Media Sensitization Workshop

Date: - 03 August 2013

A press conference was held to sensitize the media. Board members of Cheshire Home threw light upon the activities of Cheshire home & Livelihood
Resource Centre to ensure that people with disabilities are able to achieve their full potential and enjoy maximum opportunities to determine every aspect
of their own lives.

Representatives from the following newspapers were present at Media Workshop:

1. Garhwal Post 4. Dainik Jagran

2. Doon Darpan 5. Shah Times

3. Amar Ujala 6. The Himachal Times

Support for Wage Employment

Held on 10th August 2013

On this occasion 10 disabled candidates who were given training by Cheshire Home and were placed in various organizations, were also given Certificates and
Support Incentive Money by the Working Committee Members on behalf of the Home.

Group Counseling of Data Entry Batch

31 Aug 2013
was the day when LRC called a group of 15 PWDs candidates at Cheshire Homes, Dehradun who are willing to do Data Entry Training and Job. All the candidates
were registered and counseled the same day for the Data Entry Training.

Career Counseling Workshop

Date: - 20 Sept 2013

On 20 Sept 2013 a workshop was organized by LRC Dehradun for persons with disabilities on career counseling in association with Uttrakhand Gramin Bank,
IL&FS skill school, Marico Industry and Dr. Reddy’s Foundation. In this workshop 82 PWDs participated.

Awareness workshop for Persons’ With Disability

Date: - 4 Dec 2013

On 4th Dec 2013 an Awareness Camp was organized by Cheshire Home Livelihood Resource Centre at Bandarjud in a rural area adjacent to Rajaji Sanctuary in
the District of Hardwar for persons with disability to spread information about various programs, disability issues, Govt, schemes, Bank Schemes etc.
Friends of Doon Society an associate with us helped in organizing the camp. Approximately 55 persons participated in this workshop.

Job Fair

Date: - 21 Dec 2013

On 21st Dec 2013 a Job Fair was organized by LRC Dehradun for person with disabilities. The main objective of the Job Fair was to provide suitable job to
disabled candidates and suitable employee to employers.

In this workshop 80 candidates participated as employees and four as employers from viz. Sara Sae Pvt. Ltd., representative of Industries Association of
Uttarakhand, Imvolute Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Our associates Mr. Harjesh Sinduria from Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, Ms. Sanam Rawat from Unifiers Social Venture Pvt.
Ltd., Mr. Bharat Sharma from Friends of Doon Society and Ms. Kanchan Arya from Latika Roy Foundation participated. “A Handbook for employers: How to create
an inclusive workplace” was distributed to all the employers with a form attached to fill by the employers about their requirements for employees in their
respective organizations.



Cheshire Home, Dehradun.