Residential and Day Care Homes

Locations -
Bangalore, Burnpur, Chandigarh, Chennai,Coimbatore,Coorg,Dehradun, Delhi, Jamshedpur,Lucknow,Madurai, Mangalore, Mukampala,Mumbai, Prakasam, Ranchi, Serampore,Trivandrum,Tollygunge, Tuticorin, Vellore

In the field of providing care for the people with disabilities
each Home focuses on different disabilities and provides care and refuge for disabled persons, the terminally sick, people with cerebral palsy, elderly men
and women by:

  • Education and medical care including surgery.
  • Impart training and opportunities for personal development
  • Provide activities like Needle work centre, Craft training centre, Computer centre, Workshop, Recreational centres
  • Day care centres with physiotherapy and other support activities
  • Inclusive education and professional training to enable the disabled youth to become independent

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